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Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

How to Stop Customer Frustration About Patches

February 24th & March 3rd, 2021, Successfully held

Presented by

RunSafe Security

Here’s what we discussed:

Telling your customer you found a bug creates disruption and hard costs as customers rush to apply the patch before they are attacked. What are the best practices for disclosing, fixing, and patching software vulnerabilities for your customers?

In this invitation-only roundtable session, we discussed how companies are proactively minimizing exposure to the biggest class of software vulnerabilities, providing ample time to apply and test the patch without the fire drill.

February 24th

Moderated by 

Joe Saunders
Founder & CEO of RunSafe Security Inc.
John Stewart
Angel Investor / Startup Whisperer / Anti-poaching Advocate at Talons Ventures, LLC
Doug Britton
CTO and Director at RunSafe Security Inc.

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