Zesty - Jun 22 - FinOps goals
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

How SaaS Engineers Use AIOps to Achieve Their FinOps Goals

June 28th, 2023, 9 AM – 10 AM PST/ 12 PM – 1 PM EST, Successfully Held

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Here’s what we discussed:

Reducing high operational costs that won’t compromise application performance, is always a challenge. The pressure to do this in a way that will meet the fluctuating needs of the business often prompts companies to look at automated, or better yet, AI-based solutions.

Many companies have successfully automated some aspects of their FinOps practices with tactics such as scheduling automation to stop and start resources and automatically triggering alerts if resources don’t have specific tags. However, how do you raise the bar beyond this to achieve a greater level of automation mastery?
In this webinar, we talked about the automation tactics successfully implemented by companies across industries. These tactics have not only reduced the manual workload of their cloud engineers but have allowed them to well surpass their previous savings threshold. With AI’s ability to achieve repetitive tasks at a scale, this heightened level of automation has been a game changer in achieving their FinOps goals.
In this session, we addressed:
  • The automation practices that represent a basic level of efficiency
  • The tactics that were implemented to raise the level of automation
  • How AIOps has escalated these achievements even further
  • How to address the internal pushback towards implementing automated processes

Solution Experts

Omer Hamerman
Principal DevOps Engineer at Zesty

After earning his BS in Computer Science from Ben Gurion University and a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Shenkar College, Omer began his career in DevOps and never looked back. Omer loves learning about new technologies and better approaches to merging Dev and Ops. He currently lives in London with his wife and daughter and enjoys climbing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. In his spare time, he writes about his experiences with various technologies on Medium and https://omerxx.com/.

Nataliya Godunok
Sr. Specialist Technical Account Manager – Cost Optimization at AWS

As Specialist TAM within the Enterprise Support organization at AWS, Nataliya is focusing on cost optimization and operations. She is providing strategic people, process, and technical guidance to proactively improve the performance, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness of AWS customers’ workloads on AWS. Focusing on operational best practices for Cost Optimization, Monitoring, Incident Management, Continuous Improvement, and other cloud management, governance, and FinOps topics.


Request detailed session notes

We are careful about who we send this key document to. The session notes will be sent based on the request, provided your profile matches our qualification criteria.

About Zesty:

Zesty helps organizations to be more adaptable to changing business needs by making their cloud infrastructure more dynamic. With offerings for compute, block storage, and Kubernetes, Zesty automatically scales resources to meet application demands in real-time. This helps cloud engineering teams to slash cloud costs, maintain perfect app performance, minimize the hassle of managing infra, and fully realize the true flexibility of the cloud.

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