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Common Sense AI Supply Chain Virtual Conference

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

A supply chain conference focused on how manufacturers and retailers are leveraging AI to manage supply chain disruptions during the global pandemic and prepare for future disruptions.

Common Sense AI Healthcare Virtual Conference

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

A virtual healthcare conference focused on how providers and payers are using AI to respond to COVID-19. Collaborative problem solving through conversation with peers and vendors

CSCX20 Data and Analytics

Common Sense Live Conference

A solution expert will moderate stories from 2 panelists about a data-driven CX initiative that was a great success or dismal failure and answer questions about what they learned. No podium, no stage, no PowerPoint.

CSAI20 Financial Services

Common Sense Live Conference

It’s an invitation-only conference for 70 Financial Services innovators leveraging AI and ML to transform their businesses. They’ll be joined by 12 AI solutions experts. Each session is a conversation, not a presentation