EraDB - Elasticsearch: What to do when the Honeymoon is Over
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Elasticsearch: What to do when the Honeymoon is Over

January 19th, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

Elasticsearch is amazing, until it isn’t. Maybe you’ve built work-arounds, maybe you’re just dealing with it for now. In this virtual roundtable, 10 Elasticsearch users spent 60 minutes talking through what’s working, what isn’t, and what they’re doing about it. Todd Persen, CEO and Co-founder at EraDB moderated the discussion, and ended by showing us a way to put data in blob storage but still offer near real time, interactive queries.

Moderated by 

Todd Persen
CEO at EraDB
Travis Reed
Vice President of Sales at EraDB

Here is what we learned:

“Running Elasticsearch at scale is not something anyone should do.”

Do you agree with this statement?

Disagree: Elasticsearch does do a good job, but you do have to figure out what the scale is. Depending on what load you’re putting into it, it’s hard to figure out even the right machines to pick. You probably just need someone who spends a lot of time looking at Elasticsearch all the time to figure out what scale is real. It definitely works, and it solves our problem.

When you use the community version, cost isn’t an issue. It scales fairly well. The shard size does require some of the pre-estimate of the data you’re trying to intake. You need to estimate the size of data, volume, and velocity of the data to decide the shard size. You don’t have to be very precise on the numbers, but once you have the idea it will help engineer if you size the shards and do the configuration.

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About EraDB:

Using state-of-the-art machine learning methods to accelerate ingestion of billions of columns and billions of unique values, Superindexes then produce a query plan from the statistical predictions of its models, thereby speeding up almost every conceivable query—automatically.

We believe that the future of time‑series analytics requires a novel approach to handling hyper‑cardinality data. EraDB is the company we are building to make that goal a reality.

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