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Demand Planning
and Optimization

January 20th, Successfully held

Presented by

Aimpoint digital

Here’s what we discussed:

How are you confronting the shortcomings of legacy demand forecasting methods in 2021? The pandemic and resulting economic disruption have amplified the problems associated with commonly used techniques. We discussed how AI-powered demand planning tools that produce predictive and prescriptive insights can help upgrade demand planning capabilities.

Moderated by 

William Miller
CEO at Aimpoint Digital
Aaron McClendon
Senior Data Scientist at Aimpoint Digital

Here is what we learned:

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic disruption has made a huge impact on the demand planning process. As consumers began hoarding certain products and pantry loading by stores to keep shelved stocked, all the old rules of demand planning went out the window in March.

The new reality of pantry loading has changed the demand planning process, and suppliers are reacting the best that they can to predict the unpredictable. While some suppliers are figuring out how to navigate when they reach a post-COVID world, they are certain consumers will not act the way they did. That means his historical data they have on hand could become obsolete.

How will suppliers be able to build a forecast that will help them recover from the pandemic quicker? Once organizations find the missing link, it will help them to dig out and understand what they will need to get themselves back on track: whether it’s more co-packers, more plants operating, and more.

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About Aimpoint Digital:

Aimpoint Digital is an advanced data analytics consultancy company. At their core, they work with data to transform them into actionable information to the business users that need them the most. Aimpoint Digital is made up of the very best data scientists, data engineers, management consultants and industry experts who work together to accelerate clients’ strategic vision through data and analytics.

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