Technisys-VRT-Paths to New Revenue: Banking as a Service
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Paths to New Revenue: Banking as a Service?

November 10th, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

Banking is being disrupted now as Open Banking and Digital transformation takes hold. Consumers now expect banking to be embedded in everything from their smartphone devices to ecommerce sites, while simultaneously remaining in control of their data. This will reduce the level of involvement consumers have directly with their banks. Some banks will embrace this by becoming the engine powering consumers’ finances behind the scenes. We discussed ways you can prepare your organizations to go down this path.

Moderated by 

Michael Haney
Head of Digital Core at Technisys

Michael leads Technisys go-to-market strategy and ecosystem enablement for Technisys’ core banking platform known as Cyberbank Core. Michael is a global business & technology executive driving digital transformation and operational excellence for financial institutions. Focused on enabling banks to transform their business model, quickly adapt to disruptive change, and reach new levels of sustainability and competitiveness.


Here is what we learned:

Open Banking in the US is being driven by market forces: Open API, Open Data, Open Source. Smaller banks suddenly have the reach they wouldn’t have. With BaaS, fintechs can help banks and other businesses reach customers with what used to be unprofitable offerings.

While technology in banking is very progressive in Europe, where it’s embedded in the lifestyle. The United States is well behind the curve. However, mobile banking is just starting to get disruptive here, and banks should be hyper aware at how fintech and the commoditization of banking is going to change the industry.

BaaS has allowed brands like T-Mobile expand into mobile banking for its millennial customer base. Instead of going through a traditional bank, customers can do their entire suite of banking through their mobile service provider.

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About Technisys:

Go Beyond Digital Banking – Differentiate with Cyberbank

Cyberbank is a Digital Engagement accelerator and Next-Gen Core banking platform. Designed to help banks & Fintech differentiate by adapting to changing consumer behaviors and helping them become an integral part of their customers’ lives.
Two pieces, a single architecture. Cloud Native, API-centric and microservices based, a one of a kind digital banking backbone.

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