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About the company

Asuene is a Climate Tech company and our cutting edge service enables companies to measure their GreenHouse Gas emissions from scope 1,2,3 to CFP. They also offer decarbonisation solutions including sustainability consultation, carbon offset, and initiative alignment assistance for example, TCFD and PCAF. They also provide ESG Cloud Rating service based on GRI and UNGC. Asuene currently has 4,000+ clients in APAC.

Key Solutions

  • Getting and calculating data for GHG emissions is time-consuming.
  • GHG emissions calculation is a new initiative for most companies, and they are unsure about the calculation methods and the extent of what needs to be calculated.
  • Especially enterprise companies need to calculate GHG emissions for their entire supply chain, requiring education and support for their suppliers to enable emissions calculations.
  • There is a wide variety of report types for disclosure, making it complex.

Notable Asuene Clients

Who will you meet at the summit?

Masayuki Kobayashi, General Manager, Global and New Business Development, Asuene

Masayuki Kobayashi

General Manager, Global and New Business Development
Yuna Sato

Yuna Sato

Global and New Business Development

Key Sustainability case studies

Case Study – Steel

The steel industry is the largest GHG emitter in the Japanese market, accounting for 15% of Japan's total GHG...

Case Study – Construction

Supported scope 3 calculations required for each site or location while reducing man-hours. It is an obligation in the...

Why you should attend

This two-day event is your gateway to practical insights and actionable strategies for achieving net-zero emissions. Our agenda is carefully curated to provide a deep dive into topics at the intersection of technology, data, AI, and sustainability. You’ll gain access to thought leaders who have successfully navigated this terrain, learn about ground-breaking initiatives, and discover how to leverage these advancements for your organization.

Networking opportunities abound, connecting you with like-minded professionals and industry leaders who are equally passionate about creating a sustainable world. Whether you’re seeking to refine your sustainability strategy or explore the latest innovations, this summit is your catalyst for change.


We understand the power of connections.

It’s not just about the ideas; it’s about the people who can turn them into action.
By attending, you’ll have the unique opportunity to engage with a select group of 120 ASEAN-based senior executives and public-sector leaders who are actively charting their organizations’ paths to a net-zero future. These are the individuals driving change, shaping policy, and leading the way in sustainability.
Here, you’ll connect with like-minded professionals who share your commitment to environmental stewardship and collaborate with industry leaders who have successfully implemented sustainable practices.
The value of these connections extends far beyond the summit, fostering partnerships and collaborations that will drive your organization’s sustainability journey forward.
If you’d like to meet with an Asuene subject matter expert or have a general question, let us know here:

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    Japan office :

    105-0001, 4th Floor, KDX Toranomon 1-chome Building, 1-10-5

    Contact :

    Global Sales & Business Development – Yuna Sato

    Singapore office :

    079903, 10 Anson Road, #05-01, INTERNATIONAL PLAZA, Singapore

    Contact :

    Director & Country Manager  – Masaaki Hamada