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Era Software – 3 Key Strategies to Aligning Observability with Business Outcomes

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

A key statistic from Era Software’s 2022 State of Observability and Log Management report indicates that an overwhelming majority (96%) of IT professionals surveyed shared that using data effectively to solve problems…

FiniteState – Do You Trust Your Software Suppliers’ Paper Risk Assessments?

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

Today’s vendor risk assessments are paper based with very little evidence and verification. They are almost solely focused on the vendor, not the actual product being purchased. This leaves a large gap of risk unidentified…

Sift – Fraud Economy – How Fintech Can Stay Ahead

Common Sense Network & Learn

The most sophisticated and damaging attacks leverage shared tactics and technologies. They don’t stick to a single type of abuse, and they go after individual victims and businesses to gain ground for operations against…

Tricentis – Fixing the Massive Challenge of Bad Data for Data Modernization Projects in Financial Services

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

By 2025, 72% of users worldwide will access the web only through smart devices. In the business-critical areas of AML and KYC vigilance, modernization projects can leave financial firms well short of the rigorous…

Squirro – Augmented Intelligence for Sales Teams

Common Sense Network & Learn

In this virtual roundtable (and Swiss chocolate tasting) we’ll discuss how manufacturers are beginning to leverage advanced technologies to support their sales teams. We’ll discuss the new class of Augmented Intelligence tools…

BuyerForesight – A New Approach to ABM for Event Marketing

Common Sense Network & Learn

In this dinner session, we’ll dig into what ABM for Events means. In the process, we’ll challenge commonly-held assumptions about how to decide which accounts to target, regardless of what your “Target Account… – Use Case Consultation Workshop

Common Sense Workshop

Schedule your use case consultation workshop with some of H2O.Ai’s top AI experts. We will discuss how to further sharpen the identification of business challenges that can be solved with Al.

Infor – Why Industrial Manufacturers are Moving to Purpose-Built Solutions in an Increasingly Volatile World

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

Here, we’ll explore how forward-thinking industrial manufacturers are improving CX and growing their business with product innovation and supply chain optimisation made possible with digital platforms. – See the Power of AI & Computer Vision Intelligence First-hand

Common Sense Webinar 

As the risk of workplace violence rises, security teams are increasingly distracted by manual tasks and false alerts. From watching surveillance camera feeds to spending thousands of hours dispositioning…

Dataminr – Assessing the ROI of Real-time Threat Detection

Common Sense Network & Learn

As companies work towards turning all this into an early warning system, the scope of the challenge is daunting. Nevertheless & companies are now visualizing real-time info at the level…

Tipalti – The Evolving Role of CFO’s – Architect, Catalyst and Strategist

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

The never-ending pressure to manage costs, grow revenue and ensure control have put the role of the CFO under a scanner. Economic uncertainty and increased investor scrutiny have forced them into the spotlight…

Bloomreach – Don’t Let Your Digital Growth Plateau: How to Keep Driving Revenue by Optimizing Search Relevance and Enhancing Personalization

Common Sense Network & Learn

We invite you to this exclusive, executive dinner on June 8th to learn the fundamentals of search relevance and its importance in the customer journey and How to create more accurate site search to boost revenue…

Antuit – Investing in the Future Of Supply Chain

Common Sense Network & Learn

10 Supply Chain, Automation & Omnichannel leaders will gather for a private dinner to discuss these topics and more. This thought leadership discussion will be moderated by Sivakumar Lakshmanan, Co-CEO at Antuit.

Amplitude – Why Product & Marketing Need to Collaborate to Create Digital Experiences

Common Sense Network & Learn

Customers expect to have a seamless experience and transition within digital products – regardless of the platform they use. But as traditional structures create barriers to digital optimization, it’s imperative to…

Aqua Security – Kubernetes and the Software Supply Chain

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

In order to secure our applications, we must verify they are trustworthy. In this session, we’ll discuss the security challenges presented by Kubernetes & the modern software supply chain…

H2O – What it Really Takes to Scale AI Initiatives Across the Business

Common Sense Network & Learn

During the roundtable, we will discuss how to scale machine learning capabilities across the organization while maintaining speed in performance and accuracy of results and deliver more value to the business.

Dremio – What is an SQL Lakehouse Platform and Why Would You Need One?

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

Learn how/let’s discuss how an open lakehouse platform frees your data and your organization from proprietary data warehouse vendors by treating data as an independent tier – free from any single vendor…

Zencargo – Addressing Short-term Freight Disruption and Taking a Longer-term View on Mitigating Risk

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

Join the discussion to establish if there are any short-term fixes that can be employed to reduce disruption and explore the ways you can gain more control, more options, and more visibility and reliability.

Ekata – When KYC Isn’t Enough: Using Machine Learning and Digital Identity Data to Improve Conversion

Common Sense Network & Learn

Ekata’s Kurt Weiss will moderate a discussion of some of the challenges of traditional KYC, and some options available to enhance your KYC to both reduce the risk of fraud AND offer a smoother, lower friction onboarding…

Era Software – 2022 State of Observability and Log Management

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

In Feb 2022 Era Software ran a global survey of IT professionals across various industries and roles. The findings quantify what’s driving the massive growth of observability data and captured innovations…

Snowplow – The Importance of Personalization in eCommerce – Challenges and Opportunities

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

With easy access to high-quality data, retailers can do accurate marketing attribution, Personalise digital user experience, Deliver real-time product recommendations and Predict customer churn…

Epsilon – Loyalty Labs Workshop

Loyalty Labs Workshop Sydney – 31st May, Melbourne – 2nd June, Brisbane – 3rd June 10.30 AM – 2.00 PM Loyalty marketing programs are increasingly falling into 2 categories: One, that customers are indifferent to. The other, where they choose to remain engaged. While reward points are still at the core, those points now need...

Micro Focus – Going Beyond a Data Lakehouse

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

The term “Data Lakehouse” combines the power of a data lake with the power of a data warehouse, but the whole reason to invest in this technology is to facilitate advanced analytics…

Dremio – How to End Data Warehouse Vendor Lock-in Forever

Common Sense Virtual Roundtable

Data warehousing architectures and pricing models over the decades have been designed to lock you into the vendor. Organizations have had to depend on their data warehousing vendors…

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