Augment-CXM - Quantifying the ROI of Premium Product CX
Common Sense Research Q&A:

Quantifying the ROI of Premium Product CX

 January 14th, Successfully held 

Presented by

Augment CXM

Here’s what we discussed:

This Research Q&A focused on proprietary research conducted by BuyerForesight and AugmentCXM. We uncovered key drivers for quantifying ROI to Customer Experience initiatives for companies selling premium products.

Where is the direct connection between CX metrics and business value? Will investing in CX grow revenue more than investing that capital elsewhere? Yes, it can. We discussed the specifics and the math behind them in this session.

This 90-minute invitation-only session had three parts:

  • Presentation of research findings
  • Q&A session around the findings
  • Roundtable discussion of the implications of the findings

Moderated by 

Matthew Swanson
CEO at Augment CXM
Nathan Pitzer
Head of Marketing at
Augment CXM

Here is what we learned:

If you sell premium products, the ROI on CX investments can be exponential. Calculating that ROI can be tough, so Augment has built a model you can use to start.

Sixty percent of the 350 director-level respondents indicated that they doubt their brand’s ability to calculate the linkage between CX initiatives and business benefits. That is a problem. The overall health of a company is how happy the customers are. These directors need to understand the link because CX is a huge driver of revenue. If the directors and above cannot link the two together, then imagine how others below them in the organization must feel. They need to build stories around their CX initiatives so they can spread that knowledge across their organization.

CX has a disproportionate impact on three different types of product companies: those that offer necessary goods, those with commodities, and those that are premium brands.

Companies that offer necessities have diminishing relationships with their customers. Think of it like the DMV, or like Comcast. These companies can offer the worst customer experience ever, but you’re still going to need a license or an ISP. How these types of companies perform in the CX space will not necessarily drive additional revenues.

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About Augment CXM:

Collecting, reporting and analyzing all of your customer conversations can take hundreds of hours per month and may not give you the detail you need.

Augment CXM’s speech and text analytics reporting automates that process and takes no IT time to spin up.

Some of the things Augment CXM can tell you:

  1. The length of a conversation.
  2. What a person is talking about, driven by an AI conversation labeling engine.
  3. A way to read or listen to the important parts of the conversation.
  4. The survey score of this conversation, even if no survey was filled out on every turn of the conversation.
  5. Why your customer is reaching out and what their issue is.
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