Andaz Dubai The Palm

Optimizing Clinical Decision Support
and Patient Safety in UAE

Networking Lunch at Andaz Dubai, The Palm

Successfully held on 7th March 2024

Optimizing Clinical Decision Support and Patient Safety in UAE
Networking Lunch at Andaz Dubai, The Palm

Successfully held on 7th March 2024

Presented by

Wolters Kluwer

Here’s what we discussed:

In this engaging roundtable discussion, we explored the critical role of medication decision support systems in enhancing clinical decision support and patient safety within the UAE’s healthcare landscape. This discourse spotlighted the functionalities and features of such systems, particularly emphasizing on the potential of solutions needed.

We aim to address the distinct challenges faced in UAE’s healthcare sector, such as medication errors, workflow inefficiencies, and drug interactions, and discussed how these can be mitigated through the effective use of Medispan and similar systems.

Furthermore, the roundtable delved into how robust data capabilities of these systems can support a transition towards more data-driven, evidence-based healthcare practices. How medication decision supports systems qualify hospitals for key accreditations with medication safety screening that EMRs often don’t satisfy on their own.

We envisioned the future of healthcare in Saudi Arabia by highlighting the long-term benefits, which include improved medication management, reduced healthcare costs, and enhanced patient outcomes. The roundtable aimed to foster a comprehensive understanding of the significant role drug database systems can play in advancing healthcare delivery in UAE.

We aimed to unravel the benefits these systems offer in bolstering clinical decision support and patient safety. The session elucidated how these systems can effectively resolve prominent healthcare hurdles such as medication errors and inefficiencies in workflow, while also aiding in the transformation towards a more data-centric, evidence-based approach in healthcare.

The roundtable culminated with a lively Q&A, promoting the exchange of experiences and shared learning among the participants.


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Roundtable Discussion

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Solution Expert

Ahmad Altiti
Sales Account Manager – META at Wolters Kluwer Health

Ahmad has over 14 years of experience in the healthcare IT industry, he gained his master’s degree in Business from Cardiff Metropolitan University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Jordan Amman. With roots in Nursing, Ahmad gained technical and business experience working in the healthcare industry in the MENA region. Ahmad worked closely with leading healthcare organizations contributing to their digital transformation journey from operational and clinical perspectives.

His contributions spanned complete transformation including clinical systems, enterprise planning, patient administration, and clinical decision support systems.


Lunch at Andaz Dubai, The Palm

Andaz Dubai, The Palm
The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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