Morton's The Steakhouse, New York

Modernized Compliance in
Cross-Border Payroll and Payments

Networking Dinner at Morton’s The Steak House, New York

Successfully held on June 12th, 2024

Modernized Compliance in Cross-Border Payroll and Payments

Networking Dinner at
Morton’s The Steak House,
New York

Successfully held on June 12th, 2024

Presented by

Papaya Global

Here’s what we discussed:

Diverse regulations and compliance requirements across multiple countries pose a significant challenge for cross-border payroll and payments. Ensuring compliance with ever-changing tax laws, labor regulations, and data protection requirements adds complexity and increases the risk of non-compliance penalties.

In this roundtable, we explored the integration of modern techniques and capabilities, emphasizing their role in refining compliance. Discussions covered the operational risks associated with security or compliance gaps in international transactions, the adaptation of payroll systems to meet the evolving needs of a global workforce, and the application of advanced solutions to transform payroll systems, and the potential of next-gen methods in security, AML, and other global workforce domains.

Participants gained insights into managing the operational complexities of international payments and adapting existing systems to current global standards, ensuring that their organizations remain compliant and secure in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

We discussed topics such as:

  • Dealing with the challenges of diverse international regulations on managing, calculating, processing, and executing global payroll or payment processes.
  • The potential of integrating advanced techniques and capabilities into payroll systems to increase compliance and security.
  • Operational risks due to security or compliance gaps in cross-border transactions.
  • Challenges while adapting payroll and payment systems to meet the needs of a changing global workforce.

This roundtable offered an opportunity to share strategies for leveraging these technologies to effectively navigate the complexities of global payments.


06:00 PM – 06:15 PM


06:15 PM – 07:00 PM

Roundtable Discussion

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Solution Expert

Gina Dorcelus
Director of Global Employment, US Legal Counsel for Papaya Global

Gina Dorcelus is responsible for managing a team of attorneys/paralegals in US, APAC, EMEA, and Israel. She also negotiates and review employment contracts for our global workers ensuring mandatory compliance with the assistance of our local partners. She also ensures clients receive top notch legal guidance when terminating global workers. Gina leads these delicate offboardings in challenging jurisdictions while mitigating the risk of litigation to our clients and Papaya. Gina and the GEE team also review our tech client’s intellectual property and confidentiality agreements to ensure the EOR model is not compromised while fostering creative solutions.

Gina is also an expert for onboarding and offboarding in different workforce solutions such as Agency of Record/Contractor models.

Gina is a native New Yorker and first generation Haitian American fluent in Haitian French Creole and comprehends French. Gina’s background makes her especially equipped with the necessary tools to meet the demands of Papaya’s global clientele. Gina enjoys reading, mentoring law students, and travels in her spare time and recently visited Sierra Leone, Colombia, Greece, France, Costa Rica.


Dinner at Morton’s The Steak House, New York

Morton’s The Steak House,
136 Washington St, New York, NY 10006

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