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Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Modernizing Open Source
Supply Chain Management

August 24th, 1 PM – 2 PM CT, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

The software industry’s widespread adoption of open source software has resulted in the continuous reuse of open source libraries to gain specific functionality. Because these libraries are now dependencies of the commercial software, DevOps must continuously track and manage them to ensure that their projects build successfully without introducing known vulnerabilities — increasing operational costs and time to market.

What strategies are DevOps leaders using to reduce the risk and cost of securing software supply chains while ensuring the security and integrity of the products and services their dev teams create? Building, monitoring, maintaining, remediating and packaging open source dependencies into dev, test and production runtime environments can burn a lot of productive dev hours; how are companies managing this?
In this session, we discussed the pros and cons of dependency management strategies, including dependency vendoring, as well as more modern approaches to automating or outsourcing this work.

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VP Product Management, ActiveState

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