The Learning & Development Conference for 2021:
Learning & Development

March 24th, 2021
Successfully held

The Learning & Development Conference for 2021:
Learning & Development

March 24th, 2021
Successfully held

Common Sense Learning & Development Virtual Conference is 2 roundtable discussions focused on practical solutions to challenges L&D leaders face daily. 30 executives in L&D, Employee Experience and HR at large enterprises will brainstorm how new organizational strategies and new technologies will meet the professional development needs of companies in 2021 and beyond.

Common Sense Collaborative virtual conference

Collaborative Learning & Development Virtual Conference

  • 2 roundtable sessions  
  • 30 Attendees
  • 1 Sponsor

Who Should Apply to Attend?

  • VP/Head of Learning & Development
  • VP/Head of HR
  • VP/Head of Employee Experience
Who should apply - Common Sense Conferences
What’s in it for you

What’s In It For You?

  • Collaborative problem solving through conversation with peers and vendors
  • No boring PowerPoint sales pitches
  • Key Takeaway Doc for each session shared with each attendee

Conference Successfully held


10 AM – 10:45 AM Central Time

Moderated by


Integrating Virtual and Digital Learning

Virtual learning means more than Zoom. L&D leaders are beginning to find ways of integrating virtual (live) learning with digital (on demand) learning. Companies are building new approaches to learning in context and in flow that will engage learners hungry for social interaction in a WFH world.

10:45 AM – 11:30 AM Central Time

Accelerating Reskilling

Many enterprises are moving away from planning for skills gaps a year or more in the future. They are instead adopting agile learning approaches with a focus on collaboration and speed to better deal with workforce disruptions that started in 2020 and are likely to continue for some time. How are companies making this transition? What tools can accelerate reskilling at scale?

Common Sense Virtual Conferences are NOT webinars! We are careful about who we invite, and only invited guests may attend. The Common Sense Learning & Development Virtual Conference March 2021 is a small group of peers discussing how companies are developing new approaches to professional development for 2021 and beyond. Conversations are lively, thought-provoking, and a great way to get to know other smart people. You’ll also get to know L&D vendors in a no-pitch, friendly environment.



Conference Successfully held

How Do You Qualify to Attend?

You must be an HR, Employee Experience/Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion or Learning & Development leader charged with evaluating and selecting technology solutions for your organization, or someone who drives a significant portion of your company’s L&D initiatives.
You must have buying authority for Learning & Development technology or services within your company
You must complete a brief qualification call


This conference was successfully conducted.
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What are Common Sense Conferences?

Common Sense Conferences have always emphasized productive conversations and networking among peers and disruptive new vendors. Our Virtual Conferences offer the same value, without the time commitment and travel.

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