Zencargo - Using Data to Manage Your Inventory in a High Freight Cost Environment
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Using Data to Manage Supply Chain Volatility in a High Freight Cost Market

31st March, 2022, 16:00 – 17:00 CET, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

Supply chain management consists of a wide range of functions, including planning, procurement, manufacturing, delivery to name a few.

With so many factors to account for, how can businesses stay on top of their supply chain, especially in a high freight cost environment, where small changes can run up big costs?
In this session, we discussed how businesses can use data and automation to help stay on top of their supply chain management during this time of uncertainty.
Pointers that we discussed:
  • How do you currently use data to help you manage your supply chain? Are your processes in obtaining data automated?
  • What are the main challenges you face integrating data and automation in your supply chain management processes
  • Within your organisation, what are the foundations you might need to help you get started in implementing these processes?

Solution Expert

Richard Fattal
Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder at Zencargo

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