Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Paying More and Getting Less
– Are Oracle Customers Ready for Change?

October 20th, 25th & December 6th 2022, 1 PM – 2 PM CT

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Here’s what we’ll discuss:

We assumed that skyrocketing prices were only a blip in the past, but history has a strange way of repeating itself. In fact, 2021 saw the fastest rising inflation rates climb to 7% and nearly everyone is feeling the pinch. It is a harsh reality and one that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. As you can expect, this has left CIOs and IT Leaders scrambling to make tough decisions.

Interestingly, high-margin companies like Oracle are not as sensitive to inflationary cost-cutting measures and yet, are seemingly leveraging the situation to justify price hikes while delivering poorer support or simply no support at all for break/fix, custom code, security patches, TLR, and integration. To make it matters worse, Oracle is now dropping support for databases 10, 11, 12 … so what’s next? These are all pressing concerns that many CIOs and IT Leaders are grappling with, and many are starting to ask, “where is the value for my dollar?”
At the end of the day, CIOs and IT Leaders deserve to have options and Rimini Street trusted experts can help provide the support that’s needed and more. Even if your path is moving to Oracle’s Cloud, we can help get you there.
During this 60-minute discussion, we’d like to talk to discuss how Oracle customers such as you address the questions and options you’re facing such as:
  • Can you justify the costs if the offering doesn’t improve?
  • Is paying Oracle more for temporary and less-comprehensive support worth it?
  • How does this impact my business and what choices to I have?
  • Are you able to retain your top IT talent, especially in the face of price increases?
  • Is it time to consider third-party support services to escape a vendor-driven roadmap?
Sebastian Grady, Rimini Street’s President, will share key factors customers should consider before continuing on with Oracle’s reported price increases for even less support, or moving to Oracle Cloud.

Solution Expert

President at Rimini Street

This is an executive peer group round table event for 8-10 IT leaders. We use a conversational, story-telling approach that works best when everyone participates. This is NOT a webinar or any kind of one-way presentation.

Who should apply for an invitation?

Oracle customers who are considering third part driven support services
Decision-makers who have buying authority for their organization

Participation in the Virtual Roundtable is free of charge to qualified attendees. Once you’ve completed the registration, we’ll confirm your invitation and send you a calendar invite with a link to the meeting.

If you don’t qualify, we’ll suggest other learning events that may be a better fit for you.

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