Artwork_Ekata - June 29 - When KYC isn’t enough
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

When KYC Isn’t Enough:
Using Machine Learning and Digital Identity Data to Improve Conversion

June 29th, 10 AM – 11 AM CT

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Here’s what we’ll discuss:

Balancing a frictionless consumer onboarding experience with advanced fraud prevention is an increasing challenge for financial services in the digital era.

Organized fraud rings are constantly hatching ever-more-creative fraud schemes that start at account opening. However, traditional KYC solutions struggle to identify many of these new schemes, such as stolen identity fraud and synthetic identity fraud.

That’s why forward thinking financial services firms are incorporating digital identity data, machine learning, and data science into their onboarding workflows, alongside their KYC. This way, they can stop much of this fraud before it happens.

Join us live on June 29 for an interactive roundtable in which Kurt Weiss, Director of Financial Services at Ekata, a Mastercard company, will lead the group in discussion around topics such as:
  • Some of the challenges of traditional KYC processes and data
  • How machine learning models and sophisticated data science can help identify fraud risks early in the onboarding process
  • How to offer a smoother, low friction experience for good customers

Solution Expert

Kurt Weiss
Director of Enterprise Sales at Ekata

This is an executive peer group meeting for 8-10 Financial leaders focused on Risk & Fraud. We use a conversational, story-telling approach that works best when everyone participates. This is NOT a webinar or any kind of one-way presentation.

Who should apply for an invitation:

If you are looking to understand how Identity can be part of the onboarding workflows, alongside their KYC
You have buying authority for your company

Participation in the Virtual Roundtable is free of charge to qualified attendees. Once you’ve completed the registration, we’ll confirm your invitation and send you a calendar invite with a link to the meeting.

If you don’t qualify, we’ll suggest other learning events that may be a better fit for you.

Here’s what attendees at past events have said:

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