Ekata - Managing eCommerce Chargebacks and Reducing Fraud
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Managing eCommerce Chargebacks and Reducing Fraud

March 1st, 2022, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CET, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

Adaptation during the pandemic has enabled businesses to increase their revenues, find new ways to meet their customers’ demands and compete in ways they’ve never dreamed possible. For 2022, there are new challenges that these businesses need to understand and build against.

During this expert roundtable discussion, we dissected the true cost of fraud from obvious to the not so obvious, online fraud trends during the pandemic and how they’ve evolved, and how fraudsters in Europe are combatting PSD2 security by moving to mail and other channels orders.

Topics to include:

  • Assessing the true cost of a chargeback
  • Observing the evolution of pandemic fraud trends
  • Understanding how fraudsters have adapted in a PSD2-enabled Europe
  • Dissecting how to reduce fraud with BOPIS (“buy-now, pick up in-store”)

Solution Expert

Jordan Reynolds
VP of Market Strategy – eCommerce & Marketplaces at Ekata

Here is what we learned:

Rishu Goel, Fraud Risk Manager, Travix International

Goel has a wide range of experience in fraud prevention in telecom and other industries and is interested in learning about new trends, particularly in handling friendly fraud.

Goel said there has been a 50 percent increase in a type of friendly fraud where the customer takes the dispute to their banks directly in order to get a fraudulent chargeback.

They are very focused on optimizing costs and part of that is trying to move everything from post-authorization fraud checks to a preauthorization. The thinking is that it will bring greater efficiency to the customer experience and at the same time save money on authorization costs and rejected transactions. This shift and the automation are being done through a third-party provider supplemented by a manual review team to check for false positives to get a sense of how beneficial it is.

Gloria Bestschart, Head Ecommerce Operations, Bucherer AG

What Bestschart is seeing in terms of fraud is professional groups gathering card numbers from foreign locations and small towns and exploiting the time it takes for the information to reach the acquirer. They also take advantage of bank holidays.

Request detailed session notes

We are careful about who we send this key document to. The session notes will be sent based on the request, provided your profile matches our qualification criteria.

About Ekata:

Ekata provides APIs and a SaaS solution built around five core identity elements: name, phone, email, address, and IP to help you assess risk in all types of online interactions. These include fake account creation, payment authentication, transaction fraud and manual fraud review.

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