AquaSecurity - Getting Cloud Native Security Right
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Getting Cloud Native Security Right

April 27th, 2022, 10 AM – 11 AM CT, Successfully held

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Aqua Security

Here’s what we discussed:

During this session, we covered organizational aspects of DevSecOps, how to adopt and mature a cloud-native security strategy, and key considerations when choosing technologies.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Expectations from platform providers, security-wise, and what gaps remain
  • The maturity curve of securing cloud-native applications (containers, serverless, and what’s in between) – from the most basic controls to advanced runtime controls
  • CNAPP: what it is and where it fits
  • Key criteria to consider: how to ensure that your organization is ready to go into production across various stakeholders and teams

Solution Expert

Paul Calatayud
CISO at Aqua Security

Here is what we learned:

Dinesh Kumar, Sr. Director DevOps, Concentrix

Kumar said his biggest challenge in the budget cycle is getting enough funding for security and is looking to make the business case for his needs.

With the cloud service providers he is using, Kumar said the goal is to kill the native dependencies.

He wanted to be at the top of the Gartner solutions, which is not available within the native tools, so he ended up adopting third-party applications.

Aruneesh Salhotra, Global Head of Application Security, Nomura

As a security professional, Salhotra said he is uncomfortable relying too much on open-source products and other vendors because he is unable to personally verify their insights. He finds that products also do not operate as advertised once they are installed.

Particularly in an environment of vendor consolidation, he said it is important to find one that offers a variety of solutions to avoid having to rely on too many tools. He noted that the environment changes quickly and existing providers do not always react quickly enough to emerging threats.

Request detailed session notes

We are careful about who we send this key document to. The session notes will be sent based on the request, provided your profile matches our qualification criteria.

About Aqua Security:

Aqua Security is the largest pure-play cloud native security company, providing customers the freedom to innovate and run their businesses with minimal friction. The Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform provides prevention, detection, and response automation across the entire application lifecycle to secure the build, secure cloud infrastructure and secure running workloads wherever they are deployed.

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