Secure Code Warrior - Application Security - The CISO's Blind Spot
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Application Security
– The Enterprise’s
Blind Spot

November 17th, Successfully held

Presented by

Secure Code Warrior

Here’s what we discussed:

Does the enterprise software you’re building have security built into the code? Unless your dev team has been explicitly prepared to write secure code, this is an often-overlooked attack vector.

  • Increasing hacking attacks and the expanding attack vector – software upon software – cloud, software defined networking, infrastructure as code
  • Human error & lack of security knowledge in developers, lack of scalable resources
  • Speed of change – compounds the above points
  • Organisational structure and working in silos
  • Tools vs human approach

Solution Expert

Pieter Danhieux
Co-Founder/CEO at Secure Code Warrior


James Turner
Founder of CISO Lens

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