OpenInvest - Why ESG ROI Keeps Improving
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Keeps Improving

May 19th, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

In the early days of impact investing, we assumed investors would give up significant returns in order to build portfolios that reflected their values. New technology and better data has made it possible to build ESG portfolios that track major indices very closely. As more companies build powerful AI models and integrate timely, granular data, the ROI sacrifices we assumed are evaporating. The session, moderated by OpenInvest, laid out the underlying drivers of improving ESG investment performance.

Moderated by 

Neha Bhatia Ramdas
VP Sales at OpenInvest
John Klingler
Senior Director of Sales at OpenInvest

Here is what we learned:

What are your clients asking for in ESG investing?

Clients want to know if they are paying a price to invest with ESG, and if those investments are as good as traditional portfolios.

Clients are very specific, to some extent, to what they want or are trying to achieve from ESG. They want to know if the firm is practicing what it preaches, if the manager is being fiduciary and impactful, and if it is in line with the thesis.

Clients like the sound of ESGs and want to do something with them and aren’t concerned with the returns. However, they can’t explain what ESG is and the impact they want to make. Clients with specific religious beliefs see they can invest with their values, and that helps to build an ESG portfolio.

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About OpenInvest:

OpenInvest offers values-based financial solutions that help advisors unlock the true impact of their clients’ investments. With OpenInvest, financial advisors can seamlessly build, manage, and report on ESG portfolios, engaging with clients on a new level.

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