Dynatrace - Best Practices for Adopting Platform-Based IT
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Best Practices for Adopting Platform-Based IT

November 23rd, 2021, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

In a 2021 survey of 700 global CIOs, 93% said limited visibility and poor cross-team collaboration are the biggest obstacles to digital transformation. This reality is driving companies to move to all-in-one IT platforms to spark collaboration between biz, dev, sec and ops. At the core of this approach is the need to have observability, automation and intelligence centralized in a single platform across dynamic multi cloud environments.

In this virtual roundtable session, we discussed:

  • How are companies coordinating the efforts of IT, Business and Digital teams in their transition to the cloud today?
  • What do we mean by “intelligent observability” and why is it the key component of an IT platform that enables scale, speed, resilience, and innovation?
  • How do companies measure and manage digital experience (Employees and Customers) during the transition?

Solution Expert

Shabbir Baliwala
Senior Director – APAC at Dynatrace

Here is what we learned:

Dhanik Patel, Head of Application Services, Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad

• The bank has transitioned from a tactical to strategic mode in its transformation. Their legacy operations were almost entirely on desktops with very little sharing and no applications in use outside the organization.
• The pandemic hastened some of the transformations because of the need for remote work. That was hampered by power shortages that hit simultaneously.
• Because the bank is a development financial institution in Malaysia, it faces tighter regulation and they tread carefully on new technology rollouts for that reason.
• He imagines it will be another five years before they start implementing AI solutions, but they have benefited from a new chairman who is a strategic thinker and understands the ROI.

Datuk Harjeet Singh, Deputy Secretary General (Management), Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

• The pandemic really forced the ministry to move quickly. They introduced a mobile health app that now has nearly 25 million active users, which has been tremendously beneficial in public health efforts.
• The ministry operates 150 hospitals, all of them on their own data platforms. In the midterm, Singh would like to see all of them on a single platform so data can be shared among providers.
• There is some internal resistance to

Request detailed session notes

We are careful about who we send this key document to. The session notes will be sent based on the request, provided your profile matches our qualification criteria.

About Dynatrace:

Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. With automatic and intelligent observability at scale, our all-in-one platform delivers precise answers about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users to enable organizations to innovate faster, collaborate more efficiently, and deliver more value with dramatically less effort. That’s why many of the world’s largest enterprises trust Dynatrace® to modernize and automate cloud operations, release better software faster, and deliver unrivalled digital experiences.

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