Crate - What Data-First Companies Do (That You Don't)
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

What Data-First Companies Do (That
You Don’t)

November 17th, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

Pulling insights out of exponentially growing data is challenging, but the benefits are enormous. Data-first companies have progressed with advanced data analytics, cloud/edge computing and IoT but are now moving to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In this invitation-only virtual roundtable event, our participants joined other technology leaders in manufacturing for a conversation about the key actions data-first companies are taking to prepare for the data infrastructure needed to realize “Industry 4.0”.

Our Solution Expert & guest for the roundtable were:

Christian Lutz, Founder and President,
Bernhard A. Zimmermann, Director of Business Development & Partner at Zühlke
They discussed and share about their path to becoming a data-first enterprise, and the opportunities they are pursuing.

Solution Expert

Christian Lutz
Founder and President at


Bernhard A. Zimmermann
Director of Business Development & Partner at Zühlke

Here is what we learned:

Christian Eugster, Senior Master Data Manager, V-ZUG AG

• Christian joined the call to learn about the role as a master data manager in a data-first company.
• Christian asked when it’s the right point to start with analytics.
• V-ZUG AG is in the beginning of its digitalization journey. Christian wants to understand what data the company has, and what is the meaning of it. If everyone doesn’t understand the data, then some wrong decisions could be made.

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