Cadient Talent - Preventing Hiring Bias with AI
Common Sense Virtual Roundtable:

Preventing Hiring Bias with AI

November 17th, 2021, Successfully held

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Presented by

Cadient Talent

Here’s what we discussed:

AI has a bad reputation for amplifying the biases of legacy hiring processes. The renewed drive to eradicate bias from hiring has forced technology companies to build bias-free systems from the ground up. How’s that going?

In this session, we discussed how companies are ramping up talent acquisition programs that exclude bias by design. How do these work exactly? What is the role of HR and DE&I professionals in shaping these new approaches? How do you avoid the pitfalls that can accompany “full automation” systems?

Moderated by 

Jim Buchanan
Chief Executive Officer at Cadient Talent

Here is what we learned:

David Gaus, Director, HR Operations, SMU Healthcare

The University of Missouri serves 25 counties. They just began working with Olive AI to automate their HR processes. They have a strong technology team, so he is interested in how best to use AI within their acquisition and outreach.

They are not using AI per se in their systems but are developing chatbots and other automated features to streamline their process.

Gaus was curious about applicants attempting to game the system and trick the AI into selecting them as it becomes more prevalent.

Gaus was concerned that using employee evaluations to develop automated recruiting and screening tools could introduce bias to an AI algorithm because the performance review system is inherently subjective in many organizations.

Hiring managers are given training in correcting for bias, but to date no one has considered using AI in the screening to correct for hidden bias in the screening process.

Request detailed session notes

We are careful about who we send this key document to. The session notes will be sent based on the request, provided your profile matches our qualification criteria.

About Cadient Talent:

Cadient Talent is a leading end-to-end talent acquisition software solution built specifically for the needs of high-volume, hourly hiring industries such as retail, restaurants, hospitality, and healthcare. This intuitive and flexible platform provides managers with a constant pipeline of quality candidates. Cadient Talent reduces variation and human error, resulting in faster, better hiring and a more productive workforce by streamlining hiring workforces.

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