Snowflake - Wine Flights & Data Insights - a Virtual French Wine Appreciation
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Wine Flights & Data Insights – a Virtual French Wine Appreciation

July 8th, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

In this virtual event, We learned about fine French wines from a master sommelier; then we learned about data governance strategies from Snowflake and a small group of invited IT leaders.


4:00 – 4:05 PM SGT

Welcome and attendee introduction

4:06 – 4:25 PM SGT

Virtual Wine Tasting – 4 French wines curated by a master sommelier

4:26 – 4:30 PM SGT

Introducing Snowflake and Snowflake executives

4:30 – 5:15 PM SGT

Interactive discussion – Beyond Compliance: The Wider Benefits of Data Governance

Organizational leaders worldwide agree that data governance is important. However, in many firms, data governance programs are still in the planning or building phase. Data governance has been driven by regulatory compliance, and regulations such as GDPR made data governance a must-have for organizations. But recently, decision-making and analytics have become major drivers as well.

This has changed the requirements for data governance programs. They must not only help companies follow guidelines and directives, but they must also empower companies to become data-driven. As businesses aggressively pursue compliance through data governance, they may become comfortable enough to focus more attention on data-driven, revenue-generating initiatives, such as securely monetizing their information.

In this session, we discussed the foundation needed to support data governance programs. This includes having a cross-cloud model, elastic storage and compute; data encryption, access controls, and tracking capabilities; and integration with external data management tools.

Moderated by

Geoff Soon
Managing Director, South Asia at Snowflake

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