PayPal - Virtual Wine Tasting and Merchant Strategy
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Virtual Wine Tasting and Merchant Strategy

A Virtual Spanish & Portuguese Wine Appreciation

Singapore, Aug 31st, 2021, Successfully held

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Here’s what we discussed:

In this virtual event, We learned about fine Spanish & Portuguese wines from a master sommelier; then we learned about commerce strategies from PayPal and from a small group of invited business leaders based in Singapore.


4 PM – 4:05 PM SGT

Welcome and participant introduction

4:06 PM – 4:10 PM SGT

Introduction of PayPal

4:11 PM – 4:25 PM SGT

Interactive discussion – Borderless Commerce

4:26 PM – 5 PM SGT

Virtual Wine Tasting: 4 Spanish & Portuguese wines curated by a master sommelier

5:01 PM – 5:11 PM SGT

Breakout Session

5:12 PM – 5:15 PM SGT


Expanding sales beyond Singapore requires merchants to accept more payment types across devices. Logging in to separate systems or Invoicing creates management headaches and can make customer checkout flows confusing.

This unique network and learn event began with a discussion of how PayPal merchants are seamlessly integrating and orchestrating multiple technologies, partners and customer data to expand into international markets.

The roundtable was followed by a hosted wine appreciation session led by a master sommelier. Finally, we discussed how PayPal is helping Singapore-based merchants expand internationally.

Solution Expert

Rakesh Krishnamuti
Director of Enterprise Sales, Southeast Asia, PayPal


Ashutosh Prasad
CEO at BuyerForesight™

Here is what we learned:

Jason Yeo, Head of Strategy, FairPrice Group, said:

I think one of the things we’re seeing, which is quite well known, is that with the reopening of SMB and offices and eventually potentially travel, there will be a shift to in person dining, and there’s a lot of pent-up demand. And so, we’re actually starting to see the predicted forecasted effect of that on grocery purchases. We are also, of course, monitoring very closely the impacts on a day-to-day basis, the supply disruptions, especially because this is something that the whole society is very concerned about.

Nikolaus Ong, COO, Como Club (COMO Group), said:

We do have a payment track that we’re looking at. It’ll be good to at some point understand the kind of services that PayPal can provide, aside from just payment solutions. Would you classify yourself as financial services more of a solution? But we would definitely like to understand a little bit about the other services that you provide.

Request detailed session notes

We are careful about who we send this key document to. The session notes will be sent based on the request, provided your profile matches our qualification criteria.

About PayPal: 

Fueled by a fundamental belief that having access to financial services creates opportunity, PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) is committed to democratizing financial services and empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy. Our open digital payments platform gives PayPal’s 325 million active account holders the confidence to connect and transact in new and powerful ways, whether they are online, on a mobile device, in an app, or in person. Through a combination of technological innovation and strategic partnerships, PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money, and offers choice and flexibility when sending payments, paying or getting paid. Available in more than 200 markets around the world, the PayPal platform, including Braintree, Venmo and Xoom, enables consumers and merchants to receive money in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56 currencies and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 25 currencies.

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